Get money confident in 2020!

Dobot® invites you on a journey
to get financially fit.

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Dobot® is a financial app that makes it easy for you to save for the things that you care about. Whether you're saving for your next vacation, a downpayment or literally anything else.

Small savings pile up!

If you save just $20 a week for 6 months, you'll have $500 to start a rainy day fund that can protect future you from unexpected expenses. We want you to get there, so we'll be matching up to $100 for 5 users a month who are saving towards their Future Me goal. Details below.

dreams come true
group goal

Save money. Win free stuff.

To join this challenge, create a goal in the app with the details below and start saving with Dobot®. You’ll automatically be entered to win up to a $100 savings match each month.

  • Name: Future Me
  • Target Amount: $500 or more
  • Target Date: Dec 2020

By submitting your entry to the Dobot Money Movement, you agree to be bound by the Official Contest Rules.

We’ve created 12 challenges to help you reach your Future Me goal. Here are the first nine.

october challenge

Spooky Save Together Challenge

Join other Dobot savers nationwide in our 30 day savings challenge. You’ll save so much, it’s scary. Save $50 a week, starting October 1st for a total of $250 saved by Oct 31st. You could do great things with that much savings, like buying a factory pallet of candy corn. Dobot users can click here to join the Save Together challenge to participate. 

Total monthly save: $250

Duration: 4 weeks

How to get there: Join the challenge.

Refer a Friend Month

This September, refer a friend to Dobot and enter to win $50 for you and $50 for your friend! We want you to spread the Dobot love far and wide. Five BFFs (10 lucky Dobot users) will be randomly selected at the end of the month for their $50 prizes. Even if you aren’t a contest winner, you still get $5 for every Dobot user you refer who signs up completely (connects their bank account and makes a savings deposit).

How to enter:
  • Look for the “Invite Friends” link in the Account section of the app to share your unique referral link.
  • Once a new user signs up completely (connects their bank and makes a savings transfer) with your referral code during the month of September, you’ll both be entered in the refer-a-friend contest
refer a friend
save together

Save That Cheddar

It’s always good to have extra savings in queso emergency. This month, save a little bit twice a week and watch your savings stack up. Text 🧀 to Dobot to save $10, whenever you’re feeling gouda about your money habits.

Total monthly save: $80

Duration: 4 weeks

How to get there: Text 🧀 to Dobot to save $10 twice a week.

Create a Savings Goal for December

Did you know that the most popular savings goal in Dobot (by far!) is saving for winter holiday expenses? Whether it’s for gifts or travel, start saving early and you will be financially confident come sweater season. This month, start saving ahead of time by creating a December savings goal of $500 or more. If you start saving $20 a week now, you’ll have $500 saved up by December.

Total monthly save: $100

Duration: 6 months

How to get there: Save $20 a week.

save together
save together

20 Day Savings Challenge

Join other Dobot users nationwide in our June 20 day savings challenge. This month, text to save $10 a day Monday through Friday. (Live your best life on the weekends.) By saving 5 days a week, you’ll save $200. Dobot users can click here to join the Save Together challenge to participate. Anyone who enters the challenge and saves money will be entered in a random drawing to win 1 of 5 $100 savings matches.

Total monthly save: $200

Duration: 4 weeks

How to get there: Join the challenge.

Auto-may-te Your Savings

Automate your savings this month with scheduled savings. This account setting lets you select how much and how often you’d like to save. Once you’ve set it up, you can sit back and chillax while your savings stack up each week.

Total monthly save: $100

Duration: 4 weeks

How to get there: save $25 every week in May.


Start (or Increase) Your Emergency Fund

Like Monty Python and the Spanish Inquisition, nobody expects an emergency. This month, build up your defenses and make sure you've got a rainy day goal (we recommend an amount of $1000). If you've already got one because you've been participating in our money movement contest, then you're on your way.  Just consider increasing your weekly savings by $10-$20.

Total monthly save: $100

How to get there: save $25 a week

Save Surprise
Money Month

This month, commit to saving extra dollars that come your way. If you return a sweater that looked cute online but arrived a full-on Monet, save the refund instead of spending it. Most Americans will be receiving extra income this season in the form of a tax refund. It’s tempting to spend all that dough on a new tv and the greatest grilled cheese sandwich of all time, but think how satisfying it will be to save for your long term goals and happiness.

  • Total Monthly Save: $150
  • Duration: 4 weeks

How to get there: Text to save when you receive extra $$. Or text to save $5 a day.

March Challenge

Budget-Friendly February

Instead of (literally) eating your money by going out, invest it in your savings goals. Plus, we’re giving away $20 Grubhub gift cards to 5 random February challenge participants.

Total monthly save $160 (if you order in 2x a week)
Duration: 4 weeks

How to get there: Text Dobot “🍕" or "🥡" to save $20


Take the Drynuary challenge by ditching alcohol for the month of January. Save $20 a week that would have been spent at happy hour. Your wallet and your liver will thank you.

Total Monthly Save: $100

Duration: 5 weeks

How to get there: Schedule a weekly $20 save for every Friday in January, or text to save.

Jan Challenge