Get money confident in 2020!

Dobot® invites you on a journey
to get financially fit.

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Dobot® is a financial app that makes it easy for you to save for the things that you care about. Whether you're saving for your next vacation, a downpayment or literally anything else.

Small savings pile up!

If you save just $20 a week for 6 months, you'll have $500 to start a rainy day fund that can protect future you from unexpected expenses. We want you to get there, so we'll be matching up to $100 for 5 users a month who are saving towards their Future Me goal. Details below.

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Save money. Win free stuff.

To join this challenge, create a goal in the app with the details below and start saving with Dobot®. You’ll automatically be entered to win up to a $100 savings match each month.

  • Name: Future Me
  • Target Amount: $500 or more
  • Target Date: Dec 2020

By submitting your entry to the Dobot Money Movement, you agree to be bound by the Official Contest Rules.

January Challenge

We’ve created 12 challenges to help you reach your Future Me goal. Here’s this month’s challenge:

Take the Drynuary challenge by ditching alcohol for the month of January. Save $20 a week that would have been spent at happy hour. Your wallet and your liver will thank you.

  • Total Monthly Save: $100
  • Duration: 5 weeks

How to get there: Schedule a weekly $20 save for every Friday in January, or text to save.

Jan Challange